Deb Lorentz Photography Closes Its Doors

//Deb Lorentz Photography Closes Its Doors

Deb Lorentz Photography Closes Its Doors

Effective immediately, Deb Lorentz Photography is closed. This is a decision I have struggled to make for a year, but it is the best decision I can make for myself and my family.

Let me explain.

I am the owner/operator of two businesses – Deb Lorentz Photography and Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants – and an independent contractor in two other industries: I edit books for authors and teach English as a Second Language to students in the Chinese school system. I also teach English to Chinese students on-to-one.

Here’s the kicker….

I hardly sleep. Most nights I get three hours of sleep; others I get two. As you can imagine, this is not a healthy way to live. I always pursue my projects with passion… and I’m tired. I’ve decided to eliminate my photography business and my editing/writing business so that I can get healthy and spend more time with my family.

When I first began this venture, I focused on pin-up, boudoir, and artistic renditions of local landmarks. I took steampunk photos. I created a Roller Derby calendar. I love, love, love classic beauty photography with long, flowing dresses. This is who I am as a photographer. (I’m also madly in love with pet photography.)

In essence, I just couldn’t get prospective clients excited about the type of photographs I love to create. My vision didn’t mesh with the local market. I tried to adapt. It wasn’t me. While I could easily branch out into other more popular genres, I want to specialize in what I do best, not generalize into a one-size-fits-all photographer.   

Now, here’s my disclaimer….

I will not stop taking pictures altogether. This is not my intention. In fact, I plan to pursue my photography as an artistic endeavor. You will continue to see my work displayed and on sale at Belair’s Bistro in Belpre, OH. Thank you, Denise, for supporting me since the inception of your business. I hope to find other places to showcase my work. I’ll continue to create and sell prints.

I will occasionally accept paid projects as a freelance photographer. If you have an idea for a photo shoot that I can get excited about, reach out to me. We’ll chat. If we’re a good match, I’ll take your photos. However, if I know another photographer who is a better fit for your project, I’ll refer you to that photographer instead.

I’ll continue to write. I’m very excited to write and take photographs for a local magazine that will launch in early 2020 called Living River Cities. In fact, I was too busy to take the cover photo for the magazine, so I reached out to Marietta photographer Bruce Wunderlich to give us a beautiful cover for the magazine’s launch.  You’re going to love it.

Now, where do I go from here?

If you have purchased a gift certificate, don’t worry. If you’ve paid for photography or photography lessons, I’ll honor the purchase. There’s no rush. I’m not going anywhere.

I also have some decisions to make for my wedding officiant business. For now, the Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants chapel will remain on the second floor of The Dils Center. I’ll continue to provide wedding photos for my couples for as long as the chapel exists. I’ll also officiate weddings on location in WV and OH. I have no plans to walk away from the wedding officiant business. I love it too much. I’m super excited to free up time to take Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants to the next level.

Before I close this door, I would be remiss in not giving credit to the people in my life who have supported me….

Thank you, most of all, to the clients who gave me the honor of taking your photos. I loved being your photographer. If you didn’t print your photos, do it now. It may not be important to you, but future generations will appreciate it.

I’m giving a HUGE shout-out to my husband, children, mother, and, most recently, my father. You’ve taken this crazy entrepreneurial ride along with me. I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made so that I can pursue my dreams. You know — more than anyone — that taking the picture is the smallest part of this business. It’s a machine.

To those who have mentioned my name whenever someone was looking for a photographer, I’d like to send a million thanks, as well. You didn’t have to do it, but you continued to be brand ambassadors and I love you for it.

Finally, without a home, my studio would not exist. To the owners of The Dils Center – Angela Harris and Vinnie Kunze – thank you for everything you’ve done to support me and my business. I’ve felt accepted and appreciated from day one. This has meant everything to me.

Though some of you may offer kind words, such as “I’m sorry,” it’s not necessary. This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of the next adventure, and I can hardly see where it takes me. I’m transitioning into the photographer I was always meant to be.

Just in case you’re wondering, here is me being me as a photographer….

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  Marilyn Monroe
Kat Dawson — Official Spokesmodel for Deb Lorentz Photography
Kat – Model for Deb Lorentz Photography
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