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Hi. I’m Deb Lorentz, a wedding officiant and portrait photographer located in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

I want to take the best picture you’ve ever seen of yourself.

Think back to your childhood when you looked through old family photo albums, portraits, or loose photos in a drawer. How did that make you feel?

When I was a child I loved looking through old family photos. I would walk up the stairs to the attic and sit on a step as I sorted through pictures of my family–snapshots of what their lives were like long before I came into the picture. These images were much more than shades of black, gray, and white printed on Kodak paper. They created connection–a shared history with my family.

I’d take the photos to Mom, Grandma, or Grandpa and ask about these moments in their lives. They’d glance at their memories clasped in my small hands, give a knowing smile, and recount the time when….

Portraits leave a legacy–a family history–for future generations to enjoy.

How would you like to be remembered?

Together, let’s create a portrait legacy that defines you and celebrates your life. I specialize in beauty and couple’s photography. I’m married to a musician, so I love it when I am commissioned to take band photos too!

I hope you enjoy looking at your portraits as much as I enjoy taking them.

Ready to get started?

Contact me here for a no-obligation portrait consultation.


Deb Lorentz is a professional photographer, writer, and wedding officiant based in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  She wants her clients to have a fun and memorable photo shoot.