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The Deb Lorentz Photography Tween & Pre-Tween Model Program is designed to foster confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit in young girls and boys. It’s my goal to create an empowering experience for youth that will give them a positive experience while promoting Deb Lorentz Photography.

Here’s how it works.

The Tween and Pre-Tween Model Program is open to boys and girls between the ages of 8-12. No experience is necessary to be part of the program. Although the $299 creative retainer is waived, a small, non-refundable deposit is required to participate in the photo session. This deposit will be applied toward your Model Portrait Package or individual prints. There is never an obligation to buy more prints.

Full Disclosure Ahead — Why charge a deposit? In the past, “complimentary” photo sessions have often resulted in missed appointments — most often without notice. There is considerable prep time involved in planning a session, and I want models who are enthusiastic and respect my time and the process involved in planning a session.

As the photographer, I retain the copyright to all images.  I do not offer a print release for portraits. I do offer prints, wall art, and other products for additional purchase. I will never pressure you to purchase these items. However, I do require that models’ parents LIKE my Facebook page, LIKE and SHARE their child’s photos, and recommend Deb Lorentz Photography to their friends and family. That’s an integral part of the Model Agreement. If you do opt to purchase items, you may pay in full or take advantage of my extended payment plan. Once the portraits are paid in full, I’ll process your images.

As the parent of one of my models, you will be required to sign a Contract and a Model Release for your child. This gives me permission to use your child’s images to market and promote Deb Lorentz Photography on social media, on my website, and in other marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, newspaper ads, and other marketing media.

Cash-Bonus Referral Program

Once accepted into the Tween & Pre-Tween Model Program, your child becomes a representative of Deb Lorentz Photography. As a representative, your child model will be able to earn cash prizes for referrals to Deb Lorentz Photography. Each child model will receive rep cards to give to friends and family for photo sessions. If the referral results in a paid session, your child will receive $25. Referrals can be for any type of photography that I offer. The more people you refer, the more cash you’ll win. It’s that simple.

*** Note: The cards make it easy for friends and family to reach out to Deb Lorentz Photography; however, they may also contact me via Facebook or my website. Tell them to mention your child’s name when they book their consultation.

Ready to Get Started?

To apply, send a message via my Contact page or on my Facebook page. Submit your child’s picture, age, and why he/she would like to become a Deb Lorentz Photography model.

This experience is about having fun and feeling confident. This experience is about working toward goals. Most of all, I hope you and your child enjoy your pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.

Questions? Feel free to reach out for your no-obligation portrait consultation.