The Future of Deb Lorentz Photography

//The Future of Deb Lorentz Photography

The Future of Deb Lorentz Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on this site. The last time I reached out to you, I moved my studio out of the Dils Center to focus on building a structure on our property. While that still remains a long-term goal of mine, I have made some changes based on the changes that have occurred at the Dils Center, which is currently under new ownership.

Many of you may know that Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants is a division of Deb Lorentz Photography. When I moved my photo studio out, I kept my wedding chapel intact in one of the smaller rooms. I have had the honor of officiating weddings both in my chapel and on location in WV and OH. It has been an unexpected blessing in my life. I took a step back from photography to redirect my goals. In doing so, I’ve created a win-win as a photographer and wedding officiant.

I’ve moved my wedding into my former photography studio space. I missed it. My husband, friends, and I had put so much work into it that I couldn’t bear to leave it behind just yet. I’m renovating the space. I’m working with a local artisan to put some beautiful, rustic touches to my room. My goal as a wedding officiant is to seat at least 40 wedding guests, but there’s more…. I will also offer photo sessions on a structured, scheduled basis. This will allow me to use the room for both divisions of my business.

There will be a heavy focus on beauty photography, high school senior photography, and some other areas that are my driving passion. I’m also available for event photography and since I love a good love story, I’ll be offering couples’ sessions in the studio and on location. Structured sessions will be more structured and scheduled but, as always, on-location photo sessions will be easier to work into my schedule.

These changes will allow me to become the best wedding officiant and the best photographer I can possibly be. In the near future, I’ll be having a Grand Re-Opening of my studio/wedding chapel. It’s been a journey, and it’s one that I’ve embraced every step of the way.



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